Hi Eva! First of all, I love your blog, and reading your answers are one of my favorite things to do^^ Can I have your advice on what I should do with my hair? I'm asian, and my hair is really soft, but really fine, so it often looks flat. I've thought about perming it (I'm 15, am I too young?) but people often tell me the adverse effects of a perm, like hair loss and horrible hair quality, and I really don't need my hair to look even less/finer than it actually is! What do you think I should do
evachen212 said:

I’ve always wanted stereotypical Asian hair—deliciously dark and deliciously thick. but, sigh, you and I are hair twins. my hair is ultra fine (and medium brown to boot!). I’ve actually gotten a perm before—twice in fact—and I loved it. when most people hear that, they immediately picture Legally Blonde’s perm girl. no! no, not the case. the first time I got a perm, I ended up with long, loose waves (very California boho). the second time, I had shorter hair, so my hair had a softer Alexa Chung quality to it. I loved it both times and would absolutely do it again (but now that I color my hair, I can’t… I don’t want to double process my hair. side note: coloring hair often gives hair a thicker feel as well, since the cuticle is lifted a bit). the key, as with anything beauty, is to go to someone you trust. I went to Damian Santiago at Mizu, a perm expert in NYC (he also cuts my hair), but perhaps ask/call around in your local area’s Japan/Koreatown areashave them use a wider barrel (which will give you a looser curl), and remember, it takes a few days for the curl to “settle”—so the way the curls look on days one, two, and three, will look different in a week! tag me on twitter or instagram with a pic! I want to see! ^_^

  1. ladyspivey said: My hairstylist let me perm and color my hair in the same visit! No one told me I shouldn’t do that. It looked so fried I ended up chopping it all off. Perms are nice though especially if you like to sleep in.
  2. foreverbeingforgotten said: Quick note: sometimes if you’ve never processed your hair before it may be too “virgin” to hold the perm itself, so be sure to ask your stylist if you need to be using certain products with your new perm.
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