Hi Eva, I'm trying to figure out what major/career path I want to go into. At the moment I'm looking into fashion marketing. They are two things I love/enjoy but a part of me (or maybe it's society) is telling me that working in fashion is frivolous, that I won't be bettering society/my community if I choose this path? Have you ever felt this way? I would appreciate any advice you could give! Thanks so much for your time and I love your blog! :)
evachen212 said:

oh! there’s so much going on in your question that I don’t know where to start. I’ll start with the first sentence: what you major in doesn’t necessarily correlate with what you end up doing career-wise. I’ve met engineers who work in PR, Spanish majors who work as editors (and not, say, at People en Espanol), history majors who work as designers. so study what you love to study and intern in what you’re passionate about. which brings me to my second point: this might seem pie-in-the-sky optimistic but I truly think that when you do what you love, you’re a happier person. when you’re a happier person, you’re kinder and have a greater capacity for kindness. which means you’ll give back to others, whether in warmth or community service (which, btw, you should never stop doing either!)

  1. sayitaintso said: Eva - Thank you for taking the time to address stresses that many of us struggle with! I really value your advice and how accessible you are - thanks!
  2. peige-mignonne said: chic-freak … you are me. That’s been on my mind forever. I’ve struggled with that. Eva thanks for answering to both of us xoxo Peige-Mignonne
  3. pmmaro said: Check out Philadelphia University!
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