Hi eva! This question might not be any fashion related but i'm interested in your answer :D which country do you like the most and what inspires you?
evachen212 said:

I love a non-fashion-or-beauty question! to be honest, it’s less of one country and more a set of cities. there are the obvious, sure: New York (I’m a native New Yorker. we are as rare as unicorns), Paris (my dream is to live in Paris for a summer!), London (the raw energy and youth culture), and Shanghai (the sheer volume of it!), and Tokyo (Japanese noodles are my favorite food). I also love Seoul (the skincare there is unparalleled, the last time I went, I spent way too much money on strange products like snail cream), Palm Springs (the mountains + desert combination is my favorite. similarly love the whole state of Arizona). but I’m always always looking for new cities to learn about and explore. that, in essence, is what inspires me—the possibility of adventure!

  1. shrimpgrabsanegg said: snail cream is not a good skin product,check the ingredients
  2. sexorchocolateorpillowsorclouds said: hi eva! you should come to buenos aires then! as much as i love nyc and paris and am always trying to get away, i admit BA has it all, fashion, taste, late nights, architecture, beautiful people, etc. we’d love to have you!
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