mayaista asks:
Hi Eva! Now that it's getting colder, my nose is red 24/7. I sometimes use foundation to try and cover it up, but it's not that effective. (I use Stila Perfect and Correct). I try to moisturize fairly often too. I'd love to wear not too much makeup to school, but I really want to rid myself of this redness and facial discoloration! Any tips?
evachen212 said:

ah, yes. tis the season for warm and cozy sweaters, fluffy scarves, chic boots… and the skin ravages of winter weather. it sounds like your redness is extreme temperature-related but if at all possible go to a dermatologist (or do some online research on rosacea, a common condition that causes flushing and redness). short of burrowing your nose in a huge scarf (hey, no shame in that!) and possibly using a light facial oil serum to add an extra layer of moisture (for younger skin, I recommend Clarins or Jurlique), I’d love for a redness neutralizing product. my favorite (and the one I personally use): Clinique. I love this stuff and use it anywhere I’m blotchy. yes, it’s a foundation, but don’t use it all over! all you need is a little dab. good luck—and stay warm

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