b-3-t-t-y asks:
Hi Eva, being asian, my eyelashes are fine and long but incredibly straight. I know you use the Chanel curlers but I've heard so many good things about the Shu Uemura that I'm a bit stuck and have no idea which ones I should get. Any thoughts?
evachen212 said:

yes, sigh, your lashes are exactly like mine. I’ve always envied my friends with naturally thick, curly lashes—don’t they know they’ve hit the genetic jackpot? don’t they know how much time they save over the course of their lifetime by not having to curl their lashes every.single.morning? okay, I’ll step off my soapbox now. there are actually four lash curlers that I adore. here’s the list: Chanel (never pinches, gives lashes a natural non-bent curl, the folks at Chanel told me this was developed in Japan); Kevyn Aucoin (love that the rubber curve thing is red so you can see whether you’ve managed to get all your lashes); Shu Uemura (a true classic. very similar in feeling to Chanel. you can’t go wrong with either); Maybelline (feels a little stiffer/less cushiony than the others, but I tend to travel with this lower investment one because I have a tendency to lose my lash curlers!) 

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