mj03090 asks:
Hello! So I'm graduating in May of 2013 and I have a few options for next semester: go back and intern at the small fashion publication I interned at last year (I did a ton of writing, it's exactly what I love doing, and I want them to hire me when I graduate), try to fulfill my dream of interning at a big-name magazine (I have every issue of Vogue since I was 15), or stay at my on-campus job. I could potentially squeeze in all 3 plus classes, but I might go crazy. What should I do?
evachen212 said:

it’s elementary, my dear mj03090! half the time people ask me for advice, they’ve already answered their own question. it’s just a matter of looking for clues in the wording you chose: in regards to your indie magazine internship, you basically said you want them to hire you and you love it. okay, that’s pretty compelling to me. in regards to Vogue, it’s a dream. dreams are good—you should definitely try for an internship there (may I suggest honing in on what department interests you most and also applying to more than one “dream” magazine. applying to internships is like applying to college—don’t put all your eggs in one magazine basket). and in regards to your on-campus job: well, it doesn’t sound like it excites you very much. but, I will say, as much money as you can save now while you’re in school… do it. post-collegiate life is pricey. anyway, it doesn’t sound like you can go wrong in either direction, but I think you should do what you love first and foremost!

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