Eva! Longtime follower, first time asker! (Is that a word? Probably not. WHATEVER.) Anyways, I'm sure you've already been asked this, buuut ... what do you wear to travel? I'm going on a (not SUPER long, but still long enough) air-flight next week, and I'd love to get your advice on a stylish-yet-practical outfit! (Keep in mind I'm flying from warm weather to cold weather!) THANKS! (Also, what's in your carryon?)
evachen212 said:

oooh! I’ve been waiting for someone to ask me this question! first of all, there are two airplane dress situations that seriously perplex me: a) when I see women in bandage dresses (or anything super constrictive) and crazy platform heels. those are usually the women flying with a full-on face of makeup and false lashes too. who are those women? don’t they know that flying makes you puffy and therefore anything sausage-casing like will be intensely uncomfortable? on the other end of the perplexed spectrum is when people dress like they rolled out of bed. those girls are usually wearing a baby pink hooded sweatshirt and pajama pants or sweats too large for them. they’re carrying around a pillow, which is usually dragging on the (shudder!) airport floor. sigh. I think the happy medium is something casual and comfortable but not pajama-like. I almost always wear leggings (Lulu lemon), a Proenza t-shirt, some cozy oversized sweater, and either ballet flats or, lately, my Isabel Marant heels. I always bring a Justin-Bobby style hat and a big cashmere scarf as well, since you never know how warm or cold it’ll be on the flight. safe travels!

  1. recycledyouth said: OMG! “a Justin-Bobby style hat” that’s genius!
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