mindievo asks:
Hi Eva, you give the most honest and genuine advice for young girls (or boys) out there. I was just wondering, when you interview possible candidates, what is that you look for? Originality? Personality? Skills? Experiences? Ambition? What is the key thing that distinguishes one person from another?
evachen212 said:

yes, please, to all of the above and there’s a sixth factor that you’re not mentioning that’s crucial: chemistry. “chemistry?” you’re thinking, “huh?” yes, chemistry: that undefinable and explainable “click” you have with some people, but not with others. two people could have the exact same characteristics and qualifications on paper and yet… one of them is a better fit as a candidate than the other. it’s something that can’t be forced. and if you don’t have that mutual understanding (it doesn’t have to be like the chemistry you have with your best friend, it can just be like we’re on the same page sort of feeling), it’s often better not to force that. I was once in a situation where I was placed into a department that wasn’t the best fit for me—the department head and I had, like, negative chemistry. I learned other lessons from said person, but it wasn’t the healthiest environment and that taught me a serious lesson in Chemistry 101

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