Hi Eva, I have super dry (non-acne prone) skin. I usually use baby-moisturizer on my face (Yes I know, GASP!) I am in desperate need of an amazingly thick face moisturizer. What are some of your drugstore and higher-ish end products that can help make me super moisturized?
evachen212 said:

GASP! just kidding. I actually espouse a “whatever works for you” philosophy. my grandmother used Noxzema and Oil of Olay—that’s what it was known as in her day—for over twenty years (before she started getting luxe goodies from me ^_^) and her skin was (still is!) absolutely perfect. she’s almost 90 but looks like she could be in her late sixties. if baby lotion is working for you and not causing breakouts, stick to it! here are some other ideas though, as well: *add a serum under your moisturizer. you might want to consider a face oil *one of my favorite ultra-hydrating moisturizers is Clinique's Moisture Surge Intense. it somehow feels light and like a dose of heavy-duty hydration at the same time *finally, moisturize from the inside out. consider adding a fish oil supplement (sounds gross but works wonders. I take 3mg a day) to your diet. your body needs healthy fats for soft, hydrated skin!

  1. marigolden said: I’ve used Ponds every single day for the past eight years and it prevents my skin from breaking out or getting dry :)
  2. dontbeafraidtobeyoungandfr3 said: I have suffered from dry skin for years, ive been to see a dermatologist and its got tons better! However it varies from person to person but with dry skin you need something oli based, such as hydromol which you can pick up from most pharmacy’s
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