andieloyal asks:
Dear Eva, what mascaras work best ?
evachen212 said:

I don’t mean to be overly philosophical or “Chicken Soup for the Soul”  but there’s no one right answer to your question—it’s a matter of taste and preference. you see, in my book, buying a mascara is like buying a pair of jeans. you and your best friend might be the same weight, same height, and build but the brand of jeans that looks phenomenal on you look like rubbish on her (and vice versa). lashes are the same in that respect—what works for my lashes (fine, uber-straight, and long) might not work for yours. and the look I like (long, defined) might not work for everyone as well (I don’t do the crazy dramatic thick Kardashian look). okay, I’ll stop with the deep thoughts and serve up my (personal) favorite mascaras: Eyeko Fat (adds volume and length without clumping), Blinc (uses tubing technology to give you ultra-long lashes. be aware that when you remove it, it looks like your entire lashes are coming off. don’t panic!), CoverGirl Lash Blast Length (for long, Bambi lashes), and Clinique Power Lash (love the teeny brush. perfect for corner lashes). 

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  2. di4nuh said: I really like the Lash Blast Length too. It’s the only mascara I’ve used that doesn’t clump, flake, and/or leave dark circles under my eyes. I wish they had it in waterproof. -_-
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