So I tried the Carrie Bradshaw approach to NYC last year, I was there for a week and thought I would find an apartment. With no such luck, I came back to California and unpacked all my boxes again. I am again "homesick" for New York so I am looking for some advice as how to get a job before actually picking up and moving. Also, how to get your resume seen without a lot of experience?? I went to cosmetology school and I have my Bachelors, now I want to combine the 2. Any advice is great!!!
evachen212 said:

oh, television, what a cruel vixen you are. you taunt us with programs like Friends/SATC/How I Met Your Mother and people think they can just up and move to NYC and score a two thousand square foot apartment in the west village easy-peasy. not, not, not true. but the good news: a) you’re homesick for NYC, which means that in your heart, it’s your home. which means that b) you’ll do anything to make it work/happen. I suggest reaching out to your schools first and foremost. do they have an alumni office? anyone they could put you in touch with in NYC? networking will be doubly important for you as you venture forth to a new city. good luck! NYC is the city where dreams come true—but make sure to plan, plan, plan first 

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