I'm from Australia, i wish i could earn some money doingsome modelling of some sort, catalogue, commercial, anything! The problem is, I don't live in an area where i can go meet people, i don't have much money to spend on portfolio photographs or to sign with an agent, and i'm also short! and i mean, short. I'm only 157.5cm (so about... 5"2 i think).. I work hard in school because i dream of being able to buy chanel, and sass & bide and prada and zara etc. etc. etc. basically ANY ANY ANY advice?
evachen212 said:

my advice, which may come across as utterly impractical and completely idealistic, is that one’s motivation to work should never be for money or acquisitions. you should try to find a career or a job that you can’t not do, that’s how much you love it. my philosophy, in a (large) nutshell, is that when you love something, you’re good at it, and when you’re good at something, you’ll succeed/rise to the top. and then the rewards will come. looking at your question, my dearest Fre-ed-om, it seems that what you’re yearning for is the glamour of fashion. modeling at your height, honestly speaking, is darn near impossible (but maybe you should prove me wrong and go do it). I’d do some research on other careers out there—editor, writer, stylist, photographer, casting agent, set designer, the options are limitless—if you prepare well for it. 

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