Hi there! I'm a sophomore in college,&my dream is to work in the fashion industry, specifically the business side. Every time I'm in one of my fashion classes&the more I learn, the more excited&intrigued I am. But my problem is sometimes I feel as if I'm not confident enough to be in this industry, or if I have what it takes to be in it. This past summer I interned at a designer's showroom&while I learned a lot, sometimes I felt intimidated. Did you ever feel like that when starting out?
evachen212 said:

here’s a little secret (that took me, like, multiple decades to figure out): everyone feels the same way you do. everyone! some people are just better at hiding it. feeling a little in-over-your-head is a good thing in my opinion. it means you’ve found something that you truly care about, that you’re not jaded, that you’ve found your passion. I recently had the opportunity to meet a major player in the fashion industry while I was in Paris and I had butterflies—nay, elephants—in my belly. instead of chalking it up to intimidation, I thought, “okay, if I’m this OMG about this moment, it means a lot to me. that means I’m on the right path.” listen, you were smart/good/generally qualified enough to get that internship—they chose you. remember that. confidence will come with time, all good things do. 

  1. gojessago said: Thanks for this, Eva. I don’t have aspirations to work in fashion, but…I really needed this. This was amazing to read and gave me heart.
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