a-gressr asks:
Hey Eva, I'm on the East coast for school and as a West coast girl, I'm clueless about fall/winter gear. I'm looking for some boots to wear that will handle the cold weather and be comfortable for walking to classes. 99% of the girls start wearing knee high boots come fall but I dress more androgynously and think ankle boots would work better for me/boot diversity (though, I do love Frye's Melissa boot). Suggestions for boots/other fall necessities? Thank you.
evachen212 said:

you’re a girl after my own heart. I only own two pairs of knee high boots (out of, oh, three hundred pairs of overall shoes) and neither of them are traditional knee high boots: both are Chanel, one are insane biker boots with a huge metal plate in the front (I wear them on snowy days), the others are their trouser boots (similar to Givenchy’s this season). I *love* a flat ankle boot, however, and have about thirty pairs of them from Zara (white, studded) to Miu Miu (crystal-bedecked, suede). these Coach boots are my new obsession too! at the end of the day, don’t feel like you have to dress the same way as other girls—be yourself, be interesting, be chic!

  1. 2127komododragon said: or get a pair of doc martens? i wear mine with thick wool socks& they keep me nice and warm :)
  2. halflifeoflove said: Pamela Love’s new collab. with Nine West is also pretty great!
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