boollaa asks:
what are your (concise) handbag essentials? I recently got a mini PS11 and can't fit everything in it! (like I can with my PS1). Also, what are some good, non greasy hand lotions?
evachen212 said:

let me pose this question to you: is there anything worse than the feeling of chapped lips or hands… or grimy hands? ick! so, yes, a non-greasy hand lotion is definitely one of my handbag essentials. my favorite one is from Jurlique. it’s a splurge but it smells so good and works so well I think it’s worth it (that’s how I can justify anything, haha). other must-haves are hand sanitizer (I use Burt’s Bees) and lip balm (my absolute favorite is Dr. Hauschka). I do tend to carry my Smythson planner and my camera if there’s room. if not, those go by the wayside since, hello, I can use my phone as well. ps: if you find that your PS11 is too small for you, feel free to pass it my way! ;)

  1. whiskeylarone said: Baby Lips, lint roller, and a small bottle of sriracha. I put it on everything!
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