Hi Eva! I am super passionate about fashion but I am often worried that I could never make it in the fashion industry because of my height (or lack thereof). I am 4'11", and while I know that the only fashion job with real written height requirements is modeling, I feel as if EVERYONE in the industry is tall. Are there any people in other fashion positions who are short?
evachen212 said:

oh my darling—have you heard of a little power couple called the Olsens? what they lack in stature, they make up for in taste, power, and influence. I get asked questions all the time about height/weight/haircolor/personal style/schooling requirements to work in fashion and, call me idealistic, but I feel like the most important thing should be intelligence, passion, and work ethic. and I can say that many, many, many of the most brilliant girls I know in fashion are petite—5’3” and under. so go forth bravely, tall-ly (in personality, okay?), in the direction of your dreams 

  1. ohheyitsdk said: you have such lovely answers for all your reader questions. as a longtime reader who is also petite, and often concerned with her weight, and sometimes timid (in fashion and in life, but increasingly less so in both), thank you. please keep it up.
  2. santiagoycallejon said: "No dreamer is ever too small. No dream is ever too big." Don’t worry about how small you are! I’m 4ft 11in as well and my height is the least thing I’m worried about for getting into the fashion industry!
  3. s-hadows-to-s-miles said: Love this! (: I’m incredibly short too. At 5 ft. But I work with it as best and as uniquely as I can!