Hi Eva, your advice to those looking for fashion industry jobs is extremely constructive. Having heard many good things about being a Teen Vogue intern, I was wondering what you thought about interns who might feel belittled and humiliated from long hours and menial tasks as well as Grace Coddington's idea that "there are a lot of interns that feel very entitled. They think we owe them something". What considerations should supervisors have for their interns if any?
evachen212 said:

okay, so, 99 percent of the interns I’ve had have been exceptionally hard-working, conscientious, eager, smart, etc etc. those are the ones who I’ll bend over backwards to help—they’ve gone onto jobs at Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Teen Vogue, ELLE, and more, which makes me really happy! then I’ve had the ones who’ve a) asked when they would be able to write the cover story because they are “an English major at [fill in the blank Ivy League school] and therefore qualified” b) stopped showing up, period c) complained about having to update the contact list or organize the beauty closet d) other horrors I won’t detail (stealing!). sigh. in my opinion, this is what I owe my interns/employees: a learning experience, general civility/niceness, an opportunity to ask questions and be curious. I hope that, even if they have to make a photocopy, do model research, etc, they’re still learning, even if they’re menial tasks. when I was an intern (here’s where I get all old-timey), one of my tasks was to create a filing system for the six hundred or so a month press releases we’d get. that task, to be honest, is the definition of menial. but I saw the silver lining: I got to read every single one and, even now, I have a pretty encyclopedic memory of which publicist handles which beauty brand. long hours don’t feel long, also, when you love what you do! so my advice to you: stick it out. if you love something, you’ll be excited just to be a part of the organization you’re working for. you won’t care about the long hours. you’ll live for it. and that’s how you know when it’s a job that should be your career

  1. phenandpaper said: Wonderful advice!