kmdaisy asks:
Hey Eva! I was wondering how you made your move to NY financially possible? I want to be in the fashion industry doing design and editorial and I know that a move to NY would be a great investment for my career, but money is financially tight for me. Your answer would be most appreciated! :)
evachen212 said:

I’m glad you’re asking that question because it means that you’re thinking strategically about your future—and not just hurling things into a suitcase and coming to NYC with dreams of a Carrie Bradshaw or Friends-esque apartment/lifestyle (which is really rather unrealistic). I’ll be honest—I was exceptionally lucky in that I grew up in NYC. so when I finished with college in Baltimore, I moved home. I lived with my parents until I couldn’t tolerate any longer (about nine months) and then my friend and I rented a teeny one bedroom in Chelsea, put up a wall, and pretended that it was a two bedroom (each “bedroom” held just that—a bed. that’s it. no room for anything else!). when I was freelance at Lucky magazine in the fashion department, I worked part-time at a restaurant in Chelsea on weekends and evenings as a hostess. I cannot tell a lie—I often went back to my parents and pilfered their refrigerator. my top tip for you—start planning now. get as many part-time jobs as you can to start your NYC reserve fund. with every trip to the mall, ask yourself “would I rather have this cute top or… live in NYC?” try to save up a few thousand dollars (seriously). and if you have the luxury of living with a family friend or school friend, take advantage. the first year is the hardest… but with planning and passion, you will make it work