Hey! I was wondering how you always seem so peppy and upbeat. You never seem sad or anxious or stressed. What are your golden keys to the kingdom of happiness?
evachen212 said:

like everyone else, I have my good days and my bad days. I’m sure if you speak to, say, my coworker Danielle Nussbaum¬†about how I never seem anxious or stressed, she’d give you a massive eye roll and then secretly tape me during the magazine close (when pages get sent to the printing press) and then post it on youtube and then you’d be like “oh, so Eva does get stressed sometimes.” ^_^ but generally, yes, I am pretty even-keeled. I think it’s because a) I eat a really healthy diet (it really does make a difference, especially getting enough omega-3 fatty acids) b) I don’t take myself too seriously and c) I realize exactly how lucky I am to be on this earth and do what I do! it’s all about perspective

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