cbolivar asks:
Hi Eva! I was just wondering. When you give yourself facials what do to you / what products do you use? Thank you!
evachen212 said:

I’ll start by saying that a once-in-a-blue-moon facial—DIY or otherwise—is not a substitute for neglecting your skin on a regular basis. which, if my Tumblr inbox of 400+ skincare related questions is any indication, most of you do, ahem. okay, okay, I’ll stop lecturing and get down to the facts. when I give myself a facial, here’s my general routine: pre-cleanse with a cleansing water like Lancome’s or Klorane’s to remove makeup. then, Clarisonic with a basic foaming cleanser (Neutrogena Naturals). then, apply a mask (my current favorites include Jurlique’s Herbal Gel Antioxidant, Ren Glycolactic Peel, SK-II, Juara Tumeric, Clark’s Botanicals Intensive Radiance… and more! I love masks, obviously). after the mask, I apply the usual—serum, eye cream, and moisturizer. and there you have it—I do this routine twice a week… you should too!

  1. so-unholy said: Is your daily routine basically that, minus the mask? That’s what I do, time consuming but it works.