sichennn asks:
I'm going to college soon and I never really wore much makeup in high school. Do you have any suggestions for some must-need products when starting out with makeup or products you found useful while in college? Thank you so much! :)
evachen212 said:

I’ll get to makeup but first, I have to say that the emphasis for every matriculating college student, in my opinion, isn’t so much makeup but skincare. trust me, I too was guilty of being crazy-busy and generally exhausted and plopping into bed after a long night without washing my face. and then waking up in a panic the next morning and sprinting to organic chemistry class at (sob) 8 AM. now, when I look back at my college pictures, I shake my head with pursed lips. what was I thinking! so establish a cleansing ritual (even if it’s wipes from Yes to Carrots or Aveeno) and stick to it like glue. when you have pretty skin, you’ll naturally need less makeup (and I would say… if you didn’t wear much makeup in high school, don’t go crazy in college! fashion/beauty is an evolution and being natural and true to yourself is key). some baby-step-products would be: lip stains/sticks like Tarte or Clinique Chubby; mascara that’s clean and not too gloopy from Neutrogena or Shiseido; and fun nail polish strips like those from Sally Hansen

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  2. abigaildonaldson said: Organic Chem at 8 in the morning? Bless you, that’s just awful.
  3. lushtoblush said: Great advice! I wish I discovered those face wipes sooner. Now I keep them in my nightstand drawer for those lazy late nights!
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