erikamartin asks:
I'm kind of torn between whether or not I should get my hair cut into a short bob or keep it long. It took me a while to grow it out, and there's so many things I'd be able to do with it, but I have this impulsive feeling in me to just have it all cut off. A lot of people are saying I'd regret it, but I really want to try out short hair again. What made you decide to say goodbye to your long hair? Did you ever regret it?
evachen212 said:

despite being super grouchy about my hair right now since it’s in the worst grow-out-phase ever (hello, bangs!), my point of view on hair is pro-cut: it’s hair. it grows. why not have some fun with it! I had super, super long hair (down to my chest) a few years back, then I cut it super short (almost boy short), grew it to a bob, then grew out the bangs and permed it (a la Alexa Chung’s amazing waves), then went for a bowl cut, then… well, I’ve lost track of all the other cuts. but I do know that my next phase of hair play will involve swingy ponytails, sleek ballet buns, Lana del Rey waves… the list goes on! and then… when I get sick of it… chop-chop :) good luck and keep me posted on what you do!

  1. sexorchocolateorpillowsorclouds said: hey eva! you say you “permed your hair a la alexa chung’s amazing waves”, is that even possible? explain!! thanks!
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