supermarks asks:
Hi Eva! I'm a HUGE fan of the Boscia BB Cream (thank you, Birchbox!) but I'm confused about how BB Cream works, what it replaces and which order to use my face care products. Does it replace my moisturizer? Do I put my eye cream on before or after I put on the BB Cream? What about primer? Or does BB Cream act as a primer? Help!
evachen212 said:

your question was so full of beauty angst. fear not! I’m here to help you clarify ^_^ okay, technically BB cream replaces the need for a few of those steps since it’s a primer-moisturizer-and-SPF in one. now, note that I said technically. many folks (myself included) use it as part of a regimen. this is how I personally use it (and here’s my AM routine): cleanse, serum (a very sheer one, like Shiseido’s White Lucent), Olay SPF 50, Murad Acne and Shine Control Primer (just on t-zone), then Boscia’s BB. I know. it’s a lot. you can probably cut out many of the steps—it’s all about trial and error to see what works for you and looks good on you. for me, this routine works… and I love the ritual of skincare—it’s super relaxing! (this is why I’m a beauty editor!)

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