kogepan1 asks:
Hi Eva! I'm starting my own beauty blog and was wondering if you could provide me with any tips to get started. What have you found most helpful in running a successful blog that get a ton of traffic? Thank you!
evachen212 said:

I get asked that question a lot and each time, I think of the movie Field of Dreams: if you build it, they will come. honestly, the best thing to do when you start your own blog is to just keep producing content, posts that you yourself would want to read and points of view on beauty/fashion/whatever that are unique from everything else out there. there’s no magic formula besides originality. and you have to build your site without traffic in mind. doing something just for traffic and followers is the wrong motivation—you should want to do it to get your opinion out there and you can’t not do it or share your opinion. good luck! 

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