Hey Eva, I read a lot of fashion blogs/books (including yours - love it!) about how to break into the industry, and I keep hearing the term "informational interview." What does is mean and how does it differ from a regular interview? Thanks for your help!
evachen212 said:

an interview is for applying to a specific job that’s open, whereas an informational interview is focused on… drumroll, please… information. it’s a short (I usually offer fifteen minutes or so) session with someone you want to learn from in the industry, wherein you ask them questions about their day to day, their advice for someone breaking into the business, etc. you should reach out to anyone and everyone for informationals—friends of parents, high school and college alumni, and even people you don’t have a second degree connection with. shy? listen, I was when I was younger. I wish I had had the guts to do informationals in high school and college. now, in my advanced age (ha), here’s what I’ve realized. the general math is that you’ll reach out to ten people (btw, always mention how you got their information, via your school, a mutual friend, etc) and the worst case scenario is that eight of them don’t write back. one might write back once and flake out (sigh). but then that last one person—you never know—they might be the one to change your life