are you good with makeup questions? this is the million dollar question and im in need of help ! What is the BEST mascara?
evachen212 said:

oh dear. asking me about what the best mascara is like asking me what the best color is—there’s no one right answer. the truth is that shopping for mascaras is like shopping for jeans… what works/fits for one person might fail wildly on another person. so much depends on your lashes—fine or thick? straight or naturally curled? short or long? a few of my favorite mascaras though—and if they work on my super straight, sparse lashes, they’ll likely work on anyone’s (and caveat #2 I like the long and ultra-defined look, not the thick “I should’ve just used false lashes” look): CoverGirl Lash Blast Length, Eyeko Fat Mascara, Blinc tubing mascara, Lancome Doll Lash, and Shiseido Perfect Mascara

  1. princess-londons-picks said: The benefit there real mascara is good if your eyes are not sensitive they give you long lashes and look real
  2. hipsterotheque said: I love Kat Von D mascara! Make my already long lashes more full ;)
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