cakeintake asks:
hi eva! i am looking for a new face moisturizer. i am 28 and would love to prevent future wrinkles, prevent acne, and add some nutrients. also- the moisturizers that i have been considering have SPF in them... is it ok to use a moisturizer with SPF at night? Or should I just bite the bullet and buy a separate one for night and for day?
evachen212 said:

oh my goodness, you’re asking for like a one-size-fits-all product for three-maybe-four entirely different needs! to prevent future wrinkles: wear SPF (I’m using Olay Regenerist SPF 50 these days) and don’t smoke/tan/sunbed-tan (obviously). to prevent acne: use a retinoid (if your skin can tolerate it, I use one twice a week at night) or a daily product with salicylic acid in it. to add some nutrients: eat healthily—nourishing your skin from the inside out is really the best tactic (lots of water, cut back on processed foods, tons of leafy greens and healthy fats). lastly, bite the bullet! night creams and day creams are usually formulated in entirely different ways. get a simple night cream (no need to break the bank) like Yes to Carrots, Neutrogena, or Aveeno—your skin will thank you

  1. cassieandherblog said: I’m 23 and have been wondering the same thing! My future non-wrinkly face thanks you.
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