asiansheeps asks:
Hi Eva, looking at your photos you look really tall! I'm 5'10" and I always find it awkward wearing heels, even though I love how I feel whilst wearing them! But everytime i arrive somewhere in my heels I always think I must look like a giant! I was wondering how you cope with it all? I love heels and but since I moved to the Philippines where the average height is 5'3" even wearing flats makes me stand out! (no pun intended)
evachen212 said:

ugh, you’re so lucky to be 5’10! that’s my dream height ^.^ (I’m 5’9”, for the record). I actually get asked this question a lot, in varying forms (I’m tall, should I wear heels? I’m short, can I carry a big bag? I’m skinny, can I wear sack dresses? I’m not skinny, can I wear pencil skirts… the list goes on). my philosophy, which I’ve arrived on after agonizing in my youth regarding various fashion decisions, is: wear what you want. if people look at you askance or make petty comments, that’s their lack of fashion sense—not yours. stand tall in your chicness (literally)!

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