styleminion asks:
I know I should be saving my money, but I want to splurge on something nice. What would you get for $200?
evachen212 said:

"I know I should be saving but I want to splurge" could be the motto for my life. sigh. but that’s what new year’s resolutions are for! anyway, for $200 I’d purchase Repetto ballet flats (my absolute favorite), cashmere Toms shoes (I have two pairs and they are marvelously cozy), or a posh fragrance like Tom Ford or Jo Malone. happy shopping—I’m jealous!

  1. nomnomnamaste said: i made an extra $200 this weekend out of the ordinary and am faced with a similar dilemma…to spend or to save….Though, I think I am saving, only to spend, for a new camera. :)
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