hii. as an asian, how do you do your makeup? i'm always looking to experiment except it's kind of hard to since one, i have mono lids, and two, excess eye shadow always overwhelms my eyes.
evachen212 said:

the sky is the limit, my mono-lidded friend! I suggest you check out style.com and search for Asian models backstage at shows. you’ll notice that, in fact, 99% of Asian models (Shu Pei! Liu Wen! Hyoni Kang! Tao Okamoto!) do not have folds and look as gloriously gorgeous in their makeup as their fold-y fellow models. 

and this just in: makeup artist Beau Nelson told me on twitter that he likes working on Asian girls because “without the restriction of a fold I can put eyeshadow wherever I want, as big as I want.” sounds good to me!

  1. labellefabuleuse said: Michellephan is a great make up artist. You can find her tutorials on youtube. There are also plenty of other Asian make up artists and tutorials in youtube just do a search. Practice makes perfect.
  2. cupcakecore said: There’s a beauty blog called “The Notice”; Rae is Asian and does great tutorials! thenotice.net
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