since you get so many nail varnishes (so jealous, by the way), what are your go-to colours?
evachen212 said:

believe it or not, I almost never use the same color twice. when I take home polishes, I use them once and then take them back to the office (or gift a lucky friend, intern, or editor). so I don’t have “go to” colors per se, more like ones that I remember as being especially loved. those include: Rimmel in Steel Grey and Bare Naked, Zoya in Paz, Maura, Charisma, Essie in Cocktail Bling, Bermuda Shorts, Mini Shorts, and One Day Without The Blues, Deborah Lippmann everything (but especially Across the Universe and Happy Birthday), OPI That’s Hot Pink, On Stranger Tides, Skull and Glossbones and, oh, about nine trillion others!

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