Hi Eva! I love the look of matte lipstick, especially in bright colours, but I always feel as if it's too "dressed up" for an everyday look. Any tips on matte lipstick during the day? Thanks!
evachen212 said:

au contraire, mon ami! a bright matte lip is a great daytime look, as long as you pair it with clean eyes (no shadow, just a hint of defining mascara). if you want to sport bright matte lips, may I highly highly suggest you exfoliate them first? Fresh makes a beautiful lip scrub, as does Sara Happ. or you can just do what I do: slather lips with an over-abundance—at least pea-sized—of Aquaphor. leave on for 30 minutes (I suggest doing this at night, not at work or school). then use a washcloth to buff off the dead skin. voila—perfectly smooth lips!

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