Heya, Im not really a makeup person, but love moisturisers and creams, I was wondering what are the most cult products used in the fashion industry other than Embryolisse and bioderma, that are not well known to the public, and what are your tips for having amazing skin? thankyou so much
evachen212 said:

well, you named two right there: Embryolisse and Bioderma. a few others: Klorane dry shampoo, Elnett (the european formula), La Roche Posay Fluid SPF (the euro formula, again, as it’s less matte), Cle de Peau or Chanel cotton pads (amazingly soft, it’s like removing makeup with cashmere). my top tips for great skin are a) establish a routine and stick to it like glue! don’t ever skip washing your face (do you want to sleep with a faceful of germs? ugh, no) b) eat healthily. what you put in your mouth turns into skin cells—kind of, you know what I mean—so lots of veggies and fruits! c) never ever smoke d) wear SPF. even when it’s cloudy. or raining. or both! hope this helps

  1. avant-lard said: i think slathering bio oil all over my face and body works wonders for super smooth skin
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