Hi Eva, I have been wondering this for a while, and although it may seem slightly silly, do you have to be 'skinny' to survive in the fashion industry? Not as model, but as part of the journalistic/magazine field. I have always pondered as to whether working as a journalist in the field if you would be under scrutiny if you were 'plus size' or something... I just thought I'd ask you considering you're so much part of the industry :) Thank You
evachen212 said:

in my opinion, clothing size is less important than style, intellect, curiosity, and a (hopefully sparkling and witty and smart) way with words. however, not everyone feels this wayโ€” whether they feel pressured to be a certain size because of themselves or their work environment, the sad reality is that there are people (not just in fashion, obviously) who spend an outsize amount worrying about their bodies or weight when they should be focused on health (and career). it’s a shame (I know I can’t think when I’m hungry). anyway, my personal stance is that people should be the change they want to see. so if you want to be a plus size fashion writerโ€”do it with confidence!

  1. brandonandcorbin said: You can totally be a zaftig and wear the fashion writer hat. Trust me. x
  2. wardrobeofmylife said: i wish that the fashion industry would go back to looking up to icons like marlyin monroe and other women who are cruvy and such.
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