Meep, cute overload at Kate Spade!

We all know it takes a substantial amount of makeup to look like one has no makeup on, right?

Ghostly, tough, and perfect: love this Coach FW look.

Another day, another manicure: continuing my brown polish obsession with Essie’s rich maroon Chocolate Cakes. Mmm, cake. 

The perfect mix of high and low on my friend Eleanor: #chanel and Vans!

Words of fashion wisdom from Kate Moss. Read the full scope of her tips here.

Another day, another manicure: Essie in Orient Xpresso. Lately, I’ve really been obsessed with brown tones. 90s revival? Perhaps!

I am decisive 99.9999% of the time…until I am faced with a wall of polishes. Then I turn into a quivering, confused mass of indecision!

Another day, another manicure: Essie in Armed & Ready, the deepest grey with a tiny hint of stormy green.

Liquid gold Nike Air Maxes on my friend Mariel: jealousy in shoe form.

Sneak peek at Rebecca Minkoff’s wordy and wonderful pearl flats. They’re not out until fall but well worth the wait.

"It’s true: I am…

Baby blue Chloe pre-fall 2014 bag. The color palette is so collegiate-cool. I love it!

Another day, another manicure! The most perfect red ever: Nars in Tomorrow’s Red. Mid-joint ring by Annina Vogel.

For the first time in ages, I’m only making five resolutions this year (I typically make about fifteen!). For the record, here they are:

5. Be nicer to my parents. Yes, I’m in my thirties and this is still my resolution. It’s been my resolution for the last, oh, thirty-something years. 

4. Improve my handwriting. Those of you who’ve received handwritten missives from me know the terror of my handwriting. It’s aggressively bad. 

3. Exercise more than once a week. Hey, running around in heels in NYC has to count for at least three days of exercise? 

2. Quote Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Lord of the Rings slightly little less often. I’m often greeted by blank stares when I mention Grims/Panem/Orcs in fashion week conversation. 

1. Update my Tumblr more often—seriously. It’s been a hectic year, but I really do appreciate all my wonderful followers. I promise more manicures, fashion, beauty in 2014. 

Happy new year! ^_^