Slytherin Chic

Clearly it’s been a long day and I’m rather at a loss for witty headlines! Anyway, I love this graphic but simple canvas tote from Whistles. The fact that it comes with two different length straps is rather brilliant. And it’s under one hundred dollars, which is always a (major) bonus in my book. 

Tropic Thunder

I bought the Prabal Gurung top I’m wearing at a sample sale and the Jil Sander skirt (that I’m obsessed with this summer, expect to see it in just about every single outfit post) at a Neiman Marcus Last Call. For me, the thrill of finding something I seriously love—but at a great price—is much more fun than anything else. They’re paired with Valentino Rockstud Noirs and a Mulberry Alexa. And a giant cup of green tea, of course. 


Instagram week in review: new shoes times two—and therefore needing to tighten my belt with one dollar pizza (okay, not really)—and more nail polish (obviously)!

Bunny Love

If this Maison Michel veil had come in white circa 2008, I totally would’ve worn it to my wedding.

Hey Eva! I'm working assisting/interning for a photographer this summer and I can't bring myself to wear ugly shoes...what's something comfy that you would recommend to someone who has to be on their feet for 8 hours per day?
evachen212 said:

I always say that people should dress for the job they want. In your case, that means the best thing to do is dress the part of a photographer. Show you take the job seriously by wearing the right shoes: no crazy heels and, on the flip side, no dreadfully practical shoes like Crocs or Uggs please. You are, after all, working in a world of style. I’d recommend a boot with a low heel (which most podiatrists say is actually the best type of heel to wear, period) such as the Rag & Bone Newbury or the Acne Pistol. They look great with skinny jeans and dresses alike and, from what I hear, are comfortable to boot (yes, that was a terrible pun). Have a lovely summer internship—and remember, an internship is a launchpad to a career. Take it seriously. You’re laying the foundation to your future.

Purple Reign

Another day, another manicure: Sally Hansen in Punch Drunk, the perfect rich lilacy pink. 

Shoe In

I debuted a new pair of shoes yesterday (Manolo Blahnik, paired with Prada sunglasses and an ancient Celine bag). I also debuted the fact that I’ll be (trying to, at least) Vine-ing my accessories daily. I’m evachen212 on the app as well, feel free to follow should you need more fashion in your life ^_^

Not much more to add to Diane’s words of wisdom… Trust your instincts,  And be patient: from sense of style to personality, it takes some people longer to learn who they are (or be comfortable in it). Don’t rush the process. 

Sad Face

The worst is when you find something you love and have been hunting for on sale but not in your size. Yargh! Case in point: this Proenza Schouler skirt. Someone please buy it so I can live vicariously through your chicness. 

Hey Eva! I was just wondering what your thoughts on body fads such as thigh gaps and collar bones are? It's become such a massive obsession particularly with teens at the moment.
evachen212 said:

Honestly, I had no idea what people meant by “thigh gap” until I saw it in a few Instagram comments recently. I had to Google it because I thought it surely had to be a typo for “though gap” or “think gap” or something referring to the retailer Gap. That goes to show what importance I put on the trend, I suppose. Here’s my point of view on being a teen (or woman, period, it’s not really age-exclusive): it’s hard enough and there are enough hurdles (compensation inequality, gender stereotyping, etc etc). And in fact I think it’s exponentially harder to be one today than when I was a teen, since we’re in the generation of overshare, and it’s so much easier to feel judged for whatever: your body, your social life, your clothes, etc. To the people who are fixated on collarbones and thigh gaps… I would say, please, realize that in four years from now, you might be in college, working towards your dream job, an adventure trip of your dreams, making a difference in the world. Whether or not you have a thigh gap or how visible your collar bone is will not push you in that direction.

Hair and Now

A few days ago, I posted an upside-down hair shot from my shoot with my friends at Who What Wear and Fekkai… Here’s the finished look. They captured me in a few of my favorite outfits (with my requisite rainbow topknot!). Check it out here

Rainbow Connection

A happy smattering of RGB polishes at Tenoverten at the Parker Meredian. I tried to organize them into sections: the top section (the majority) are classic, existing colors; the middle row is fall (sneak peek!), and the last row are limited summer colors that I, for one, can’t wait to try!


I made a new puppy friend this week (Tabitha! the cutest!) as well as some true punk guys in Union Square, who gamely posed for me. Oh, and the most delicious French fries—and new sunglasses—ever. Check it all out on my Instagram

Mixed Messages

Two pair of shoes on sale (hooray, one of my favorite times of year) that’ll lend some sparkle to your toes: Lanvin studded deliciousness and Nicholas Kirkwood color-contrast elegance. Can’t decide which pair would be more practical. Wait, neither of them are really practical, are they? 

Best everyday mascara at a reasonable price?
evachen212 said:

Well, I’ll start by saying that one girl’s reasonable is another girl’s exorbitant. But unless you have buckets of money to spare and can therefore afford to use thirty dollar tubes of mascara 24/7 or you get prestige ones for free (like, um, me—don’t hate me), I do usually suggest people use drugstore mascara. Why? Because a) if you’re like most people, you go through it like water b) you’re technically supposed to toss your mascara every three to four months anyway c) honestly, most drugstore mascaras perform just as well as designer. It’s just a matter of finding the right one for your lashes. Personally, I have ultra-fine lashes that droop easily (so sad) and like a long, defined, fluttery lash look (versus thick and gloopy). These are my favorites (including a few non-drugstore options in case you can’t not splurge): Covergirl Lash Blast Length (perfectly defining, lashes look ultra-long), Benefit They’re Real (thickens without droopifying), Neutrogena Perfect Volume (natural but has impact), Eyeko Fat (long, long, long lashes). Good luck and, remember, finding your perfect mascara is like finding a perfect pair of jeans. It’s trial and error, so be patient!