"It’s true: I am…

Baby blue Chloe pre-fall 2014 bag. The color palette is so collegiate-cool. I love it!

Another day, another manicure! The most perfect red ever: Nars in Tomorrow’s Red. Mid-joint ring by Annina Vogel.

For the first time in ages, I’m only making five resolutions this year (I typically make about fifteen!). For the record, here they are:

5. Be nicer to my parents. Yes, I’m in my thirties and this is still my resolution. It’s been my resolution for the last, oh, thirty-something years. 

4. Improve my handwriting. Those of you who’ve received handwritten missives from me know the terror of my handwriting. It’s aggressively bad. 

3. Exercise more than once a week. Hey, running around in heels in NYC has to count for at least three days of exercise? 

2. Quote Harry Potter/Hunger Games/Lord of the Rings slightly little less often. I’m often greeted by blank stares when I mention Grims/Panem/Orcs in fashion week conversation. 

1. Update my Tumblr more often—seriously. It’s been a hectic year, but I really do appreciate all my wonderful followers. I promise more manicures, fashion, beauty in 2014. 

Happy new year! ^_^

It’s important to never…

Major, major shoes on @anyaziourova 😍

Another day, another manicure: @opi_products You Don’t Know Jacques, the perfect browny grey #nofilter


What’s good about fashion? You have a voice. You can help people feel better about themselves or express themselves. This joy will fuel your life.


Tom Ford

The full Lisbeth effect. More pictures and the making of (all three hours of it) to come. Happy Halloween 🎃!

Bespoke options @anyahindmarch’s flagship store. I’m a font/typeface nerd, so love this

Holy cow! Thank you, @sally_hansen, for the bounty of polishes! I think I’m set for a little while now 😁💅 (at Lucky Magazine)

A perfectly curated set of accessories on my friend @gielgud1: Hermes scarf, Dolce bag, Cartier watch and bangle, and beautiful bracelets from Thailand. And the Essie color is chic too! (at Lucky Magazine)

Loved seeing @DerekLamNYC @amazonfashion’s #StudioSessions, he’s proof that talent and niceness are NOT mutally exclusive in the fashion business! 👏

Mandatory reading: Miss @lily_kwong, the chicest girl ever, paid me a visit at my office today! 😚

Accessories of the day: “vintage” #chanel boots found by my fairy shoemother @manrepeller, #celine box bag, @thisiswhistles pouch