Cool chevron nails (@Maybelline in Orange Fix) on my friend @juliamurphree 🍊 (at Tenoverten)

I like how Coco Rocha is like bent in half and still the same height as me #luckyfabb (at SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills)

"A wise girl knows her limits; a smart girl knows she has none."
Marilyn Monroe. Remember to be bold, ladies…

At a Brazilian nail salon so opted for @Opi_products Brazil Collection Taupeless Beach. Racy name, perfectly pretty dusty-lavender. (at Maria Bonita Salon & Spa)

This pale periwinkle-blue (@Essiepolish’s Cocktail Bling) is one of the very few shades I repeat. Rings by @anninavogel and @graceleedesigns. (at Sally Nails & Spa)

Shadow hunter: thank you @aldo_decaniz for the cool photo!

Perfectly shaped gel nails on my friend @mimitoday at #sxsw. Inspired!

"Be on your toes, don’t take things for granted. You have to cultivate the long-term. A lot of it has to do with being a nice person. People remember when you’re nice."
Joseph Altuzarra to Matches magazine. He’s one of the most talented young designers out there and clearly has his head on straight!

Sublimely cool #ChristopherKane boots: they’re making me want to embrace flats (😨).

Jetlag strikes… maybe I need some warm (Chanel) milk to put me back to sleep. (Seriously, how cute is this Chanel bag?)

Chanel candy jewels: yum.

Supermarket sweep, Chanel style! Imagine going to your local market with a Chanel basket…

Quick polish change before heading to Paris. @NailsInc in Sheraton Street, a perfectly soft sky blue. #AnotherDayAnotherMani

Day 2 in London and mixing classic (@gianvitorossiofficial pumps) with offbeat (#Marni bag, @rebeccaminkoff sunglasses).

Spotted: A perfect bracelet stack (all by @ferragamo). Love mixing gold and silver.